Alexa: 1401 Smart and Funny Questions to Ask Alexa

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Become a pro in asking questions and programing skills into Alexa.

Are you ready for an amazing experience with your Amazon Echo Dot? Stop thinking hard about what to ask Alexa or how to program the skills into your device. This book is a step-by-step guide that will take you from being a beginner to becoming a pro with teaching Alexa new skills.

This book is meant to be a practical, hands-on guide to your new Amazon Echo Dot and programing your Alexa. From the simplest to the hardest skills, and from basic and funny to smart questions. There are detailed instructions and plenty of unique commands to try!

Get started by purchasing this book today!

Inside you'll find:

A list of 1401 funny and smart questions to ask Alexa Specific skills you need to program into Alexa How give Alexa commands the right way Appliances you need to have that will make your device control your home like (lighting, outlets, switches, heating) List of specific devices that are supported by Alexa Other skills Alexa can do for you And so much more!

Download this book now and save months of learning and time wasting trying to figure the right questions and the right way to ask Alexa. Make your smart home dream come true!

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